Strip Hawk Easy

          Stripe Hawk is a highly efficient machine that combines in a unique phase plowing, grubbing, fertilizing and harrowing. Strip Hawk creates equidistant stripes from 45 to 75cm each other with an average speed of 10km/h. Each element weighs approximately 250kg and takes from 15 to 25 hp.

            With Strip Hawk Easy there is a simplification of the machinery fleet with the reduction of the maintenance and servicing costs. It is estimated a saving of 30% in the working time compared with the traditional process. The saved time allows to optimize other business dynamics. On average, Strip Hawk reduces of 60/70% fuel costs. Strip Hawk permits to lower the production costs approximately up to 40%, keeping respect of the soil and the environment.


It is made of:

  1. Directional discs or depth adjustable wheel
  2. Discs for crop residues cutting and superficially the soil
  3. Star-shape disc that cleans the stripes from crop residues
  4. Cut tine tool for soil preparation
  5. Discs for earth containing and superficial treatment
  6. Accessories to finish the strip.


Options of accessories to finish the strip:

Cambridge roller
Heavy clodcrusher roller
Clodcrusher roller
Pushing wheel
Chain roller