Strip till technique


           The primary purpose of agriculture is to continue to guarantee food supply. In order to achieve that, there is the need to count on adequate cultivation area(acreage), to adopt sustainable policies, to safeguard the fertility of the soils and the healthiness of the environment. The challenge of the future is the “conservation agriculture”, an integrated system among soil, water, nourishing substances and biological resources. Combined with an efficient company management.  The purposes are to preserve and enhance the quality of agricultural soils, to guarantee in an efficient and durable way food production and the environment protection. 

           Strip till technique encompasses all the before described purposes, it also includes the treatment and fertilization in stripes of the sowing interested area, before seed planting. The worked stripe is from 15cm to 20cm wide and from 10cm to 25cm deep. The soil between the stripes is not treated because covered by the crop residues. Strip Till offers undoubtedly benefits on the soil structure and supports ideal circumstances to permit the seed germinate with the best conditions of moisture, temperature and porosity. Strip till combines the safety of the traditional process with the sowing speed, obtaining traditional crops with reduced production costs.

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 Pictures about terrains after using Strip Hawk Easy(more pictures):